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Book 'Waking Up with Everyone Around Us'

The Book

Waking Up with Everyone Around Us 

by Tej Steiner


An easy to read, practical and detailed explanation of the Five Ways of Being and how they can be used as a set of agreements within any social group to bring members into personal and collective alignment. It includes a step-by-step guide for creating and sustaining your own emergent Heart Circle within the groups to which you belong.

Available in print, audio and e-book

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What people say

“Waking Up With Everyone Around Us is certainly essential reading for anyone who deeply cares about their own maturation and the world as a whole. The content is invaluable and, to my knowledge, cannot be found anywhere else.” 


“This is a must have for every human. How do we transform humans into humanity? This is how.”


“Not the typical self-help book, but more like a poetic-philosophical elixir, accompanied by a brilliant and ingenious guide to open the heart and tune into the joy of existence, and create generative spaces of interconnectedness. It would be revealing and helpful to anyone in the social work or therapeutic disciplines, as well as educators, teachers, artists, and just about anyone who's life is interconnected to others.”


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