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Greet Heylen talking to people sitting in circle
Tej Steiner talking to people sitting in circle
The WE-powered Facilitator Experience

If you have completed our 8-week Heart Circle Experience and want to dive deeper, we invite you to join the WE-powered Facilitator Experience. It is an extended online 4-month journey for those interested in bringing Circle work into the world in a professional way either independently or through joining our WE-powered network of facilitators. 

The Facilitator Experience is designed for people who work with groups:facilitators, community leaders, trainers, teachers, coaches, therapists, social workers, HR-employees, business leaders, social pioniers, and health care professionals.  

The WE-powered Facilitator Experience is to:

deepen your own embodiment of the Five Ways of Being

strengthen your capacity to facilitate circles

learn from each other's circle experience

tap into the emergent potential of our group

establish ongoing support, collaboration, and co-creation


The WE-powered Facilitator Experience is facilitated by Tej Steiner and Greet Heylen.

Enrollment is limited to 12 persons to keep this learning experience intimate and effective. You will be encouraged to facilitate an ongoing Heart Circle outside of this calls. 

Applicants need to have completed Tej Steiner’s Video Master Class 'Waking Up with Everyone Around Us' and The 8-Week Heart Circle Experience.

After the 4-month Facilitator Experience:

• you will have access to the WE-powered network of facilitators and the monthly network calls.

• and the opportunity to co-facilitate the 8-week Heart Circle Experience and grow into becoming a WE-powered Heart Circle facilitator. ​

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