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The largest untapped natural resource for resiliency and change in the world today is the creativity, intelligence and love that become available as we each experience being an integral part of the greater whole rather than only being isolated individuals.  

a group of people working together

To access this extraordinary resource, we must increase our understanding of how all social groups work - how our partnerships, families, friendships, schools, communities, organizations and businesses can transform so that each group member feels valued and part of an integrated ‘we’. 


The Five Ways of Being can be valuable in personal transformation, and they are revolutionary when applied to group transformation. 

In the field of inner development, we have identified five timeless inquiries that cut across all religions, cultures, and spiritual teachings. We call them The Five Ways of Being. They provide a roadmap for personal transformation in which everyone is free to cultivate these inquiries in their own way using whatever methods and teachings they choose.


about purpose


in stillness


in expression


to life from the heart


in following inner guidance

When members of any social group intentionally agree to practice The Five Ways of Being with one another, the culture within that group changes radically.

Greater levels of trust, empathy, and appreciation are established.

Individual sovereignty is strengthened.

Members are better equipped to handle diversity and change.

The group switches from I-powered individuals to a WE-powered team.

The power of these agreements becomes more obvious when we look at the unconscious opposite agreements currently in place within most groups.


about the purpose of the group


by constant thinking and busyness


without authentic expression


from the earth and others


by living conceptually rather than experientially

Replacing these with the conscious agreement to practice The Five Ways of Being provides an integrated methodology for effective social transformation. 

a group of people sitting in circle

become more authentic and spontaneous

learn how to co-regulate stress and overwhelm

empower each other in bringing their work into the world

find ways to bring The Five Ways of Being into their other social groups


explore how to align with the greater wisdom that emerges from the center of the circle


A Heart Circle is different from all other groups. Its sole purpose is to give members the direct experience of how transformation is amplified when they practice The Five Ways of Being with one another.

A Heart Circle becomes a strong accelerator of community support, consciousness, and creativity. It can also provide an environment for the courageous conversation about the global realities we face.

Not all groups have to become a Heart Circle. A Heart Circle is a 'being and relating' group. Some groups have a common goal and are rather organized around 'relating and creating'.

Communities and organizations that apply The Five Ways of Being as relational intentions, will experience greater connection while achieving their specific purpose. The amplified group field can be used for heart-directed co-creation.

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