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The 8-Week Heart Circle Experience
The next Heart Circle Experience starts Wednesday September 6 
with Tej Steiner & Greet Heylen

In this online experience we explore: 

How to integrate The Five Ways of Being in everyday life: Being Clear, Present, Real, Connected and Heart-Directed 

How to create and sustain your own ongoing Heart Circle 

How to tap into the emergent intelligence and creativity of the group field 

This live online course is designed to give you the direct experience of being in a Heart Circle while giving you the basic skills and understanding needed to create your own Circle.


Each weekly session is 90 minutes and includes small, intimate, facilitated break-out groups that enable you to practice what you are learning during these sessions with others. 


The 8-Week Heart Circle Experience is facilitated by Tej Steiner and Greet Heylen, and co-facilitated by other WE-powered staff members.


Understanding how the left-right brain concept can be used as a practical metaphor for individual and social transformation


Understanding the relationship between The Five Ways of Being and the Heart Circle Format


Making specific group agreements that create safety and trust


Identifying and working with the amplified field of a circle


Maintaining individual sovereignty while being in circle 


The advantages and pitfalls of ‘checking in’ 


The essential role of spontaneity in Heart Circle


How appreciative feedback is utilized to build group trust


The importance of keeping Heart Circles neutral and format-free


The difference between Heart Circle and other circle formats


Eight ways that a Heart Circle can fail 


How to allow for but not get trapped in ‘emotional processing’ 


How Heart Circles become all-member facilitated 


Understanding why ‘holding space’ is at the core of Heart Circle


How to deal with conflict that may arise in circle


How to go from ‘Me’ to ‘We-powered’ and use the potential of the resonant group field for the good of all 


The 8-Week Heart Circle Experience consists of eight weekly 1.5-hour live Zoom-sessions.

All sessions are recorded in case you miss a session or want to review a past session.

You will have the opportunity to participate in an additional 30-60 minute, one on one, online session
each week with one other course member of your choice. 

Completing the free master class Waking Up with Everyone Around Us is a prerequisite for enrolling in this 8-Week Heart Circle Experience.


We will use Tej Steiner's Waking Up with Everyone Around Us as a guide book for this class. We encourage you to order either the audio, print or e-book version.

A personal journaling practice during these eight weeks is recommended.

Each session is designed to move at a pace that’s comfortable and enjoyable for everyone in the course. Input, questions and feedback are welcome at any time.


Next dates in 2023

- starting Wednesday Sept 6
- starting Tuesday October 3

7.30-9.00 pm CET
6.30-8.00 pm GMT
1.30-3.00 pm EST
10.30 am-12.00 pm PST



$ 325.00

If the price is a barrier to participation, please contact us

“Who would have thought that such intimacy, such love, such appreciation could even be possible with such a large group, in such a short time?  The group was a beautiful experience, a new way of being that I intend to practice more consciously in every relationship of my life.” 


“Being part of this training has been a perfect accompaniment to my starting two groups in the church I attend. I have so much to learn, yet I am so very thankful for what you have taught me and for what I am now better able to share with others.”

Jeff O.

“Every week I am looking forward to the next heart circle. Every time I can sink deeper and deeper into myself. I feel so much seen and heard by the group and that helps me to see myself more. Heart Circle also helps me to live my true nature, I feel more and more free, while I am in connection and at ease in the group.” 


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