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About us

The WE-powered Learning Center is an organization dedicated to exploring and sharing practical ways in which any social group or community

can become more conscious, resonant and creative.


We offer circle experiences online and on demand

in groups and organizations in the US and Europe.

Our team supports a growing network of WE-powered circle facilitators.

Tej Steiner
Tej Steiner — WE-powered team

Tej Steiner is a pioneer in using ancient circle wisdom to support contemporary personal and collective transformation. He is the founder of Heart Circle — a process used to support awakening by people and groups around the world and co-founder of WE-powered. He is the author of the book and video series Waking Up with Everyone Around Us. For 30 years he has coached individuals and couples, and facilitated groups. He lives with his partner, Greet Heylen, in the US and in Belgium. ​

Greet Heylen
greet '23.jpg

Greet Heylen is co-founder of WE-powered and founder of Broedwerk. Since 2012 she has started and coordinated several circle initiatives and pioneering cultural projects in Belgium that focus on human connection, presence and resilience. As a facilitator, she is passionate about supporting groups that use the resonant group field as a portal for emergent creativity and wisdom to face the societal challenges of today. She coaches communities and couples using the Five Ways of Being. 

Diego Ruiz Hidalgo — WE-powered team

Diego Ruiz Hidalgo is a filmmaker and brings a regenerative vision for the future of our world. He believes that creating social spaces of connection and conscious interaction is the most important missing link to heal our culture. The Heart Circle work has impacted his path and purpose. He has filmed the Master Class Waking Up With Everyone Around Us and is director of the WE-powered video communication. He has Spanish roots and lives currently in Germany.

Acacia Land — WE-powered team

Acacia Land is a counselor, teacher and entrepreneur for over 19 years. She is trained in practices for purposeful and heart-directed living. She continues to deepen her understanding of how the body works and the science behind trauma-recovery and heart-resonance. She is part of the WE-powered team and serves as a Heart Circle facilitator. She lives in Oregon, US. 

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