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Welcome to the
WE-powered Learning Center

“ We offer a radically new understanding of how to bring our social groups into greater
mind-heart balance and creative resonance, so that our partnerships, families, schools, communities, businesses, and organizations can better align with life in times that require this.”

Tej Steiner, Founder of Heart Circle and Co-Founder of WE-powered 

Heart Circle '22

At the WE-powered Learning Center you can explore how transforming the groups you live in, can accelerate your personal transformation and contribute to cultural change.

Inner development is not just an individual journey.
It is in our relating to one another that we are most challenged to deepen our empathy and patience, to communicate authentically and to become aware of our valuable differences and undeniable unity.

We invite you to start the WE-powered journey with this free 3h video Master Class. It can serve as a reliable roadmap.

The next WE-powered Heart Circle Experience
starts Thursday January 11
with Tej Steiner & Greet Heylen

"Becoming ‘WE-powered’ by experiencing our relational reality with others and the planet, strengthens our capacity for deep listening, embracing multiple perspectives and making life-enhancing choices individually and collectively.”

Greet Heylen, Co-Founder of WE-powered

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