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Heart Circle Coaching for Couples

Being more clear, present, real, loving, and joyful together

A couple

"Couples coaching with Tej and Greet reaches beyond traditional therapies. It is not about communication skills, though this can be part of it, or trauma healing, or saving the relationship. Tej and Greet hold space for each of our beings to come into our true selfs and real presence and from that place Love abides no matter the outcome." 

— Martine & Kevin

The committed couple is the primary Heart Circle. When partners consciously agree that the foundational purpose of being together is to practice with one another being clear, present, real, connected and heart-directed, their relational field is radically amplified.

This allows the couple to go beyond trauma-based patterns, in which they tend to blame each other for their own reactivity. 

The relationship becomes a path out of the myth of separation. Through the experience of true connection, natural co-regulation happens, joy and happiness increase regardless of external circumstance. 

When a couple becomes a WE-powered team, they are a beacon of love for others. They give expression to the unique creation that comes out of their union.  


We work with all kinds and sizes of social groups. We have found that working with couples is where change happens most quickly and profoundly.

we form a Heart Circle of 4: you, your partner, and us

after the first session a commitment of minimum 4 sessions is required

sessions are 90 min, online on Zoom

cost: $150/session

Contact us if you are interested in Heart Circle Coaching for Couples.

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