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The Heart Circle Experience in Belgium
Intensive In-person Heart Circle Experience June 29 & 30 in Belgium
with Tej Steiner & Greet Heylen & co-facilitators

We live in a pivotal time, facing huge ecological, social and economical challenges. Our old ways of relating with each other and nature are inevitably leading to disaster. 

Instead of endless growth of personal profit and individual power, we are called to focus on growing our capacity to connect, align with life and collaborate with each other. Each of us, with our own gifts and perspectives, plays an important role in the crucial transition from 'ME-powered' to 'WE-powered'.

We spend much of our time in social groups, but we learn little about how groups can function in a way that intentionally support our own well-being and the well-being of others.

The Five Ways of Being provide a roadmap for transformation to make the groups we live in more healthy, resilient and joyful. They are not a methodology but can be seen as a framework that allows many methodologies to operate within in. 

BEING CLEAR: Creating a purposeful and strong group container

BEING PRESENT: Valuing presence as the prerequisite for relating

BEING REAL: Practicing authentic expression and deep listening 

BEING CONNECTED: Relaxing into trust and resonance

BEING HEART-DIRECTED: Coming to inspired choices and action

In this intensive In-person Heart Circle Experience we explore how to integrate The Five Ways of Being in all groups you are part of. We present radically new insights in group dynamics through the direct experience of being together in Heart CIrcle.

We welcome you into this experience as a pioneer of social change !


The left-right brain concept as a practical metaphor for individual and social transformation

Making specific group agreements that bring in The Five Ways of Being

How to bring the 5 Ways of Being in all groups: partnerships, families, schools, businesses, communities, ... 

Understanding the relationship between The Five Ways of Being and the Heart Circle Format

How to create your own Heart Circle to practice and integrate the Five Ways of Being in daily life

How to allow for but not get trapped in ‘emotional processing’ 

Exploring the pitfalls that weaken any social group

How to go from ‘Me’ to ‘We-powered’ and use the potential of the resonant group field for the good of all 


Saturday June 29 & Sunday June 30, 2024

We start each day at 10h and end at 17h.

The Intensive In-person Heart Circle Experience is facilitated by Tej Steiner and Greet Heylen, and co-facilitated by other WE-powered staff members.

There is a balanced mix of experiential and theoretical learning. Each session is designed to move at a pace that’s comfortable and enjoyable for everyone in the course. Input, questions and feedback are welcome at any time.

We meet in the large glasshouse on the beautiful orchard ‘Droomgaard’ at the Moorstraat 2A in Broechem, Belgium. All course material and coffee/tea/apple juice is included. Please bring your own lunch.

Completing the free master class Waking Up with Everyone Around Us is a prerequisite for enrolling in this 8-Week WE-powered Heart Circle Experience.

Book 'Waking Up with Everyone Around Us'

We will use Tej Steiner's Waking Up with Everyone Around Us as a guide book for this class. We encourage you to order either the audio, print or e-book version before the course begins.


2-day Intensive in Broechem, Belgium Saturday & Sunday June 29 & 30

Participation fee: $ 325.00

Please contact us if you like to receive an invoice. 

What people say

“I dream that the world organizes itself as circles, that there is a pandemic of circles, all connected to one another. As a result, we live differently because we are connected to ourselves, to others, and to nature. What the Heart Experience experience did for me was to put much more practical structure into this dream."


“I felt drawn to the Heart Circle Experience because a recurring theme for me is ‘going back to simplicity and making the ancient new again’. I have started to understand what this means for me personally and for humanity."


The 8-Week Heart Circle Experience has been very grounding and for me. In the past I was involved with circles where I really got high from the emotional processing. I started to believe that circles were a magical thing and I lost the ability to integrate these experiences into my life. And then I was introduced to Heart Circle and shown how circle principles can be integrated into my daily life. I got the medicine I was looking for so long!"


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